What’s New - September, 2012

Published September 1, 2012

As you can see, this past month has been quite busy. For starters, we have a new logo along with a new color scheme. The logo was created to reflect that we are more than just a place to sell your greatest creations - instead, we also intend to become resource to help you manage and run your business more effectively. Up until now, our focus has been to get you up and running online and in front of customers.

Here’s what we’ve added:
- You can also specify how much it cost to produce each individual item on your store so that you can help keep track of your expenses
- Ability to include a welcome message that appears on the top of your store’s homepage
- Option to create additional sub pages where you can create an artist profile, store policies, press releases, etc
- Use the new Theme Builder in the Store Profile to create a unique color scheme for your store

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