What’s New - January, 2013

Published January 2, 2013

December was quite a busy month for us, as you may have already noticed. We had originally planned on just doing a simple website redesign to start off the New Year, however it quickly turned into a little bit more. Nevertheless, we are very happy with the outcome and I’m sure you will be pleased as well. Below is a brief summary of all that is new:
- New color scheme and layout for the website as a whole. We wanted something neutral so that it will not distract from your customers, while also being presentable and more professional.
- Enhanced SEO integration for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
- We now also tag your products with schema.org attributes so that search engines can better undsterstand and identify what it is that you have for sale in your store
- Extended support for social media websites

In addition to these great new features, we also spent some time to work on your individual stores as well. These changes include:
- More prominent “Buy” button
- Vacation Mode setting so that you can display a message to your customers indicating that you will be unavailable for a specified amount of time. When this mode is enabled, customers can still see your products, however they will see a note of your choice instead of a Buy button.
- Better support for paging and navigation

Our Premium stores will also see the following changes. If you are not yet a premium store owner, you can still play with these optionsto see what your store could look like. Then, if you decide to keep them, they will be made public to your customers!
- Ability to upload a banner for the topof your store
- Ability to upload a custom background image where you can set various options for it (Tile, fixed, fill the screen and more!)
- Select the highlight colors for buttons and navigation

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