What’s New - February, 2013

Published February 1, 2013

We were busy again this past month, however our changes weren’t quite as visible as they were from the previous update. That said, there are a number of new features and refinements that are now available on Articents. They are:

- We will now attempt to auto-fill your customer’s city and state once they provide their Zip Code. This not only saves the customer time, but it also helps prevent erroneous shipping information.

- Improved order notifications for all order activity. You will now receive separate emails notifying you when an order is Pending, Completed, Cancelled or Refunded. In addition, you will also be presented with an alert showing all non-reviewed orders every time you log into Articents.

- Enhanced order filtering tools to help locate past and current customer orders

For our Premium customers, we’ve also added the following:

- An online gallery displaying items that you have previously sold

- Ability to track and record items sold from other sources outside of Articents. This will help you keep track of all of your sales while also showing the world a portfolio of your past work.

(5) Comments

Belle Atelier Couture Jewelry

February 7, 2013

sounds good...thank you. Soozie

Carolina Yardbirds

February 10, 2013

Thanks. Mary Lou


February 22, 2013

Hey there! Diggin' the site so far. I can see it's potential for sure! One thing that I'm not sure if I missed or just overlooking while I'm staring right at it is International Shipping. I'm in the USA. Is shipping outside the USA implemented here? Is there a multiple shipping option? Is this in the works? Thanks!


February 22, 2013

uh. disregard message above. my issue w/ shipping is that for heavy items (b/c all vintage is going to weigh differently) it's really complicated to do shipping. you can do a "above normal cost of shipping" but that doesn't work for international AND domestic packages. If you do one price it's either too much for domestic or too little for international... i think shipping in general needs an overhaul. also the "saving" of pages is screwing me up. i keep having to redo things. this could just be something that i only have an issue w/. but i find it hard to click save at the top of the page when i'm editing shipping or pages or what nots.

LVs Beads n Things

March 16, 2013

I just opened a new shop and I am happy to be here. I would like to see shipping options in the future too. I would also like to see a forum for sellers to communicate, do meet and greets, promote new listings, and submit problems and suggestions to admin and I would love to add a mini Articents to my blog (like the Etsy and Artfire mini's. Oh I want I want, lol. Just suggestions for you to ponder and think of adding in the future. :)