Taking Better Photos

Published September 2, 2012

Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, however when selling online, they’ve become priceless. If your product photos are out of focus, poorly lit or otherwise unattractive, chances are you won’t close the sale no matter how amazing your item really is.

When taking photos, try to use a digital camera that allows you to not only control the shutter speed, but also comes with a remote control or a count down timer. These features are available in all DLSR type cameras, however they can also be found in less expensive point and click models as well. Next, be sure to use a tripod and a bright white light shining from multiple directions to help prevent shadows while also taking pictures from multiple different angles.

Since every camera and environment is different, you will need to take several test photos to get the right exposure and lighting. When doing so, don’t be afraid to adjust the shutter speed to a longer setting to see what happens. For our purposes, we have have actually had great results using a 2.5 second long exposure. Don’t forget to use the tripod and self timer or remote when using slower shutter speeds to help prevent any shaking so that your results are nice and crisp.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use a prop in your photo when appropriate. This technique can help add some visual interest to the product shot, or even help illustrate how your item could be used or worn by your customer. When doing so, always ensure that your product remains the center of attention and isn’t overshadowed by any extras.

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