How Shipping Works on Articents

Published March 21, 2013

Chances are, most everything that you sell from Articents will need to be shipped to your customer after they make a purchase from you. With that in mind, we spent a great deal of time building tools that will enable you to set prices based upon a number of parameters. Here are some highlights along with some descriptions of how the various options can work or you.

The easiest option to create is a profile for Free Shipping. To do this, log in to your Dashboard and navigate to the Shipping Options page from the left hand menu. Once there, you will see two buttons on the top of the page, one of which says “Add Free Shipping Option”. Click it. This will update the form below where you can change the name of your shipping option (this is what your customer will see when they check out). You will also see that it also specifies a shipping rate of $0.00 along with an “Add” button appearing just underneath. You can now make this new option available to all of your customers by clicking “Add”.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create a Free Shipping profile, you’re ready for the next step: Creating a Flat rate of $5.00 for all US orders. To begin, click on the “Add Flat Rate Shipping Option” button at the top of the page. This will prefill the name of the shipping option to “Standard Shipping”, which if course you can change. It also sets a fixed price of $5.00, which you can also update to suit your needs. From here, click on the drop down box under “Destination” and then select “United States”. You will see “United States” added underneath the drop down box indicating that we made this selection. Keep in mind that it is possible to add more than one country here if you choose to do so. Once you’re done, click on the “Add” button once more to make this option available on your site.

From here, let’s explore something a little more complicated by setting some other parameters that are based on a customer’s current order. For example, you may wish to include a small surcharge for orders when a customer selects more than one item. To enable this, click on the option that says “Calculate shipping based on the number of items on an order”. This will present you with four additional choices. The first option states “Include a flat rate plus a surcharge for each additional item”. This is the option that we are interested in, so click that to continue. From here, you will see two new input boxes. The first one will contain your base shipping rate, and the second will allow you to add an additional charge for every additional item that was added to the customer order. Using the an example of a $5.00 base order and $1.00 for each item, when a customer checks out with 3 items, their shipping cost would be $7.00.

You may have noticed that there were three other options here as well. They are:
- Apply charges for orders containing X items or less
- Apply charges for orders containing X items or more
- Apply charges for orders based on a range of items

These options simply give you the flexibility to specify shipping rates based on the number of items in a customer’s shopping cart. Here again, you can add as many as you require

The final set of shipping options will allow you to charge different rates based on your customer’s order total. This would allow you to duplicate what does when they offer free shipping on orders over $25.00. This section works very similar to the previous one, with the exception that we will focus on the order amount instead of the order quantities.

There is one more setting that you may find useful, and that is how to set a special shipping surcharge for an individual product. This may be useful if you have an item that requires additional requirements that your other items do not need. To set this charge, you will need to edit the item in question and add the desired value where it says “Shipping Surcharge”. This field will appear underneath the Retail Price setting in the Pricing Information section.

As you can see, there are a great many set of options available to you when it comes to shipping profiles. The options that you set up will be made available to your customers upon checkout,a and only those options that match the current order will be shown to your customer. For instance, if you have a shipping profile set for the US and another for CA and your customer is shipping to CA, they will not be able to select the US shipping rate. This applies to all of the other rules based options as well

Lastly, it is important that you plan ahead with them and not get too carried away with all of the choices available to you as it may simply cause confusion for your customers.

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March 25, 2013

Thank you for the International shipping profile.


April 3, 2013

Thanks for the additional shipping options. I am looking forward to trying them out!

Treasured Time

July 14, 2013

Loved the step by step instruction. This allows you to test each shipping option in order to select the best one for you.

Treasured Time

July 14, 2013

Loved the step by step instruction. This allows you to test each shipping option in order to select the best one for you.