Creating a Memorable Experience

Published January 15, 2013

A sure fire way to win repeat customers is to create a memorable experience throughout their entire shopping session. This includes their initial first impression of you and your product, all the way through to the purchase and even the final delivery of their order. If you want an example of this on an extreme level, look no further than Apple.

Obviously, you won’t have the same resources that they have, but you can certainly borrow from some of their ideas. The first step that you’ll need to do is to build a level of trust with your customer. Let them know who you are and that you’re a real person, just like they are. Also, be easily accessible if they have questions and then be helpful when they do. You’ll want them to feel confident that you will not only stand behind your product, but deliver one of the highest quality as well.

Next, you’ll need to put forth an extra special effort when creating your product pages. This includes taking high quality photos of your item and being sufficiently descriptive in your summary. Remember to also check for spelling and fix any punctuation and grammatical errors that may have been made. Lastly, don’t be shy about including a video that showcases the various features and design elements of your product.

Once a visitor finally decides to make a purchase, it is extremely important to make it as seamless as possible for them to check out and then complete their order. One of the quickest ways to lose a sale is by asking them to create a new user account where they must fill out a lengthy form and then select a username and password before continuing. When customers see this, they often become disenchanted and will frequently move on, leaving you with a missed opportunity and a lost sale. Luckily, at Articents, we’ve taken this into consideration and have made the checkout process as easy as possible for your customers.

Once the order has been placed, there is yet more work to do on your behalf to create that lasting impression. Obviously you will want to deliver their order in a timely manner, however you will also want to take great care as to how the items arrive in their packaging. Remember, this is likely the first time your customer has ever seen one of your products in person, so you’ll want to make it special for them. Make sure their items are safe and secure, but also presentable when first unveiled to the new proud owner. You might even include a special gift or even spray some perfume for an extra sensory experience (if applicable). Include a handwritten thank you note and consider offering a discount code for future orders. Give them a reason to not only recommend you to their friends and family, but also come back again themselves.

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