Blogging Wrap up & Tips

Submitted by Hope & Grace Pens on December 31, 2012

The following post is the last in a series written by Bryce Piper of Hope and Grace Pens

Where to blog?

Choose your blog host based on recommendations of fellow bloggers. Most blogs have generally the same features, but some are easier to manipulate, some charge a fee, some have ads, etc. Shop around and choose one with which you're comfortable. There are MANY free blogs out there.

Find a list of some available blogs and brief descriptions here:

How often to update?

This is a personal preference. Some blog daily. If you have that much to say, great! Pick a frequency you can reasonably fulfill in the long term. For some, that's weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly. Mark your calendars and schedule time to write, photograph and post (this is work). Try to update on a regular schedule. When you develop a following, they'll appreciate regularly-scheduled posts as opposed to sporadic ones.

Other tips

Autosignature - most e-mail providers allow you to add an automatic signature to any new or reply messages. Ensure the URLs for your stores and blogs are in your signature after a call to action to visit your pages!

Promote in person and writing - Put your blog on your business card. Talk about blogging to friends and co-workers. Even if your business isn't their interest, they may know someone who is interested. If you include a handwritten thank you note in your online sales (hint) be sure to mention your blog.

Read and feature other blogs, ask them to do the same. Blogs related (or even in direct competition) to yours will usually be happy to promote your blog if you promote theirs, opening new audiences for both of you.

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