Thinking Shadow craft

A well-made handicraft, handmade from non-harmful tropical wood for kitchen, living room, bedroom and offices decor.

Thinking Shadow craft
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Mar 10, 2019


Necessity is the mother of invention (Ohia ma adwendwene) literally.

This is an adage which calls for positive thoughts in difficult circumstances. People who invented in the past did not do that in void but they did that to meet one human want or the other. These great men were able to achieve those deeds through serious thinking which made them succeeded in their various endeavours, in making life better living. The thinking figure encourages one not to give up when situation gets though but rather think big or think outside the box, in finding lasting solution to the problem(s) one is confronted with. To every problem, there is a solution and it is only those who are tough and undistracted who can come out victorious. Most Ghanaian societies epitomize this personality in the legendry Spider (Kwaku Ananse, in Akan). The characterization of Kwaku Ananse in tales and legends, is always around finding solution to complex issues and Kwaku Ananse never falls short of that.

This astonish piece of work come with different style and shape and can be present as an award for book writers, students, footballs and individuals who has added value to the society with their thinking ability. Buyers can choose to purchase this with a stand or not.


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