Horn Blower Shadow

This astonishing piece of work is a handmade product carve from tropical wood and can be used for home and office decor.

Horn Blower Shadow
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Mar 10, 2019


Locally made horns (at[nt[b[n) are one of the musical instruments used in most traditional communities in Ghana. They are used in different occasion for varied purposes. Horns are used in both happy and sad moments. Horns, as well as drums, are used for singing appellation to the chief, queen or important personalities. They are also used in singing dirges at a funeral. This figure (Horn Blower) is therefore used to refer to the ingenuity or versatility of the horn blower and musicians in general. They are to be respected for their resourcefulness in practicing their God-given talent. Society is reminded by this symbol to acknowledge individuals who exhibit marks of creativity and excellence in all facets of human endeavor. 

This piece of work is a handmade product, carved in Ghana from durable non-harmful tropical wood. It has a height of 8 inches, a width of 4 inches and half a kilogram weight.

This piece of work can be used as an award for prominent people that fight against the use of violence, poverty, illiteracy and disease that enemies to the progress of individuals and society at large.


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